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Membership to the Tonto Rim Sports Club, Inc. (the “Club”), d/b/a Jim Jones Shooting Range (the “Range”), will not be issued until a Membership Application has been completed and the membership fee has been paid.

The Range consists of five (5) individual range areas:

  1. Archery Range - The Archery Range includes a target range and a field target range. No broadheads and no shooting of firearms allowed.
  2. Public/Member 100-yard Range - All types of firearms allowed including full auto and binary triggers. No trespassing beyond the 100-yard impact berm is allowed. This range is open to the public from 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays. (No steel targets on Saturdays.)
  3. 200-yard Rifle/High Power Range - No pistols allowed unless being shot by Members also Shooting rifles. This range includes a 300-yard corridor with restrictions (see Pistol Bay 6 below).
  4. Pistol Bays 1- 5 -  All types of firearms allowed. All targets must be placed within 10-feet of impact berm. Pistol Bays are numbered left to right from 1 to 5.
  5. Pistol Bay 6 - Bay 6 is not allowed to be used without special approval and closure of the 300-yard corridor beyond the 200-yard line using the change provided for this purpose.

RANGE USE RESTRICTIONS: In the event of special events, such as shooting matches, ranges may be unavailable to members. It is important to check the Range calendar on the Club website for range availability. In addition, the Range may be closed from time to time for maintenance necessary because of bad weather or due to fire restrictions. Subject to special events or closures, generally all the above ranges are available to Members on a first come first serve basis, 24-hours a day and 7-days a week.  Other than checking the online calendar, it is a good idea to call the Range Hotline (928)970-1766 to ensure that it is open.

FIRE SEASON: It is always fire season at the Range. Fire supplies are distributed throughout the Range property. If you see a fire call 911 immediately and, if the fire is on Range Property, please work to contain the spread. If you are the last one at the Range, check to make sure all areas are clear.

AMMUNITION: No armor piercing, tracer, incendiary, steel core or other ammunition that can potently cause a spark are allowed on the Range.

ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: No alcohol or drugs are permitted on Range property. Violation of this rule will result in termination of membership.

SMOKING: Tonto National Forest smoking rules apply on the Range.

MEMBER SIGN-IN: All Members must sign-in in the logbook located on the Public/Member 100-yard Range.

GUEST SIGN-IN: All guests, whether shooting or observing, must sign-in in the logbook. Guests are limited to two (2) per membership.


1.      Range Rules are posted at each of the Shooting Ranges. The complete Range Safety Plan is posted at tontorimsportsclub.org. Familiarize yourself with these rules.

2.      Eye and hearing protection are required for all persons within range areas. 

3.      Directions given by an RSO must be followed by all members and others present on the Range. Typically, this is on the Public Range during Saturday and at certain match events but applies whenever requested by an RSO. 

4.      Firing shall be directed downrange into the impact berm. No diagonal or cross-firing is allowed. 

5.      No shooting is allowed at ground targets (balls, rocks, cans, etc.). 

6.      No shooting at any animals on the Range. It is against Arizona state law. 

7.      Owners of Federally Licensed Class III firearms may fire on the Range. They are asked to be courteous of other shooters and separate themselves an appropriate distance from others.

8.      Remove everything you bring to the Range. Permission is required to donate to the Range. 

9.      Dogs are welcome to the Range and must be on a leash at all times! Clean up required.

10.   Any youth under 18-years of age requires adult supervision. That means that when they are shooting there is an adult supervising them and not shooting at the same time. One adult per youth under 18 or only one youth at a time shooting per adult supervising. A liability waiver must be signed by a parent.

11.   Open bolt/empty chamber indicators are required to be used at any time when requested by an RSO. Typically, this is on the Public Range during Saturday and at certain match events but applies whenever requested by an RSO. 

12.   All shooters are required to pick-up their debris (brass) and remove their targets. 

13.   No shooting at thrown or aerial targets is allowed. 

14.   The shooting of shotguns is allowed but is not allowed at TRSC provided cardboard backers. If you are going to pattern a shotgun, then bring your own cardboard target. 

15.   Clay Pigeon targets and any other target that results in debris is not allowed on the Range. 

16.   No Tannerite or explosive targets, projecting launches, flares or grenades are allowed.

MEMBER PERSONAL PROPERTY RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your own equipment. Put your name on everything. If you lose something, you can check with an RSO on Saturdays during Public Day.

CLUB INFORMATION: You are invited to attend the monthly General Board Meeting held the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at the Central Arizona Realtors Association meeting room located at Central Arizona Realtor Meeting Room at 600 SR-60, Payson, AZ. TRSC issues (via email) a monthly newsletter that includes the calendar of upcoming events including meetings, competitions, law enforcement range reservations and archery events.

GATE ENTRY: Applicants for a NEW membership will have their gate card mailed to them after the application is approved and processed, typically within a few days.

Your gate key card works when close to the card reader.  If following another vehicle, wait until the gate closes and swipe your own card to access the range. When leaving, your vehicle will be detected as you approach the gate and will open without need of the card. Don’t lose your key card because you will not be able to enter until a new card is issued and that may take more than a week. REPLACEMENT CARD FEE: $25.00. ALL ACCESS AND EXIT TIMES THROUGH THE GATE ARE RECORDED.

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   and proceed to application and payment.
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