‚ÄčShooters gather the 1st Saturday of the month. 

Find a match with Practiscore HEREPayment for the match is through Practiscore.  Matches close out early. No walk ins on match day.

USPSA is the national governing body of practical shooting in the United States.  Stages are timed events shot with speed and accuracy.  Stages are set up with steel and paper targets with barriers challenging the shooter to be creative in their path towards the next target.  Shooters are classified in their skills through special stages.  Classified shooters shoot against one and another at their own level.  Some people call it the Formula One of shooting competition.

Cost for entry = $15 payable through Practiscore for members/$20 payable through Practiscore for non-members per entry. 

What is USPSA? Click here to see real-time footage of the event! 


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